Tips for Photographing Summer Fun!

This entry was posted on Jun 29 2012, by Tina and is filed under Resources, The Family Camp Blog

Summertime is a great time to pull out that camera and preserve those memories of your kids, your vacation, and your summer fun activities. Here are a couple tips on how to capture what you see.

Technique #1: Fill the Frame. Zoom in and fill the entire image with your subject. This brings greater emphasis to your focal point and removes distractions. Plus, you get all those little details you would miss if you were further away. Don’t be afraid to move your feet to get in close!

Technique #2: Change your perspective. Your position changes the story being told in the picture. Taking a portrait from above can emphasize how small your kids are. Taking a portrait from below can make them seem larger than life (be careful doing this with adults; it’s usually not a flattering position!). Shooting from far away gives the feeling of looking in on your subject or “catching” them in a moment. Or get down on your child’s level and capture the world from his or her perspective.

We’d love to see some of your summer fun images! Stay tuned for details on our Capturing Summer Fun contest, to be announced on Monday!

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