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Discover Family Camp

Why Family Camp?

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At the heart of any culture pulses the family. Family life is where we begin learning about relationships as well as about our identity as individuals. Families transmit values, shape identity, create years of memories, create perceptions of self and society and of God, and provide space where children can grow toward independence.

Ideally, families serve as places of renewal and healing for all members, adults as well as the children. However, in the fast-paced, achievement-oriented world of American families, children and parents are often pulled in separate directions by activities—school, work, athletic and artistic commitments, church, and youth groups.

Relaxed time together is scarce. Time to talk and laugh together is elusive. With family renewal in mind, The H. E. Butt Family Foundation brings you Laity Lodge Family Camp, a Christian Family Camp in Texas!

Our Mission

Laity Lodge Family Camp is an interdenominational Christian family camp designed to strengthen relationships within the family system by providing a relaxed, fun-filled opportunity for families to engage with each other and encounter God in significant ways.