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Headwaters, the new Family Camp campsite will have the potential to reach as many as 1400 families annually, allowing them to “unplug” from their hectic lives and enjoy one of Texas’ most beautiful settings along the Frio River.

The facility has been designed to represent a “village concept” where families will thrive as a community—living, learning, eating, and playing together in a safe and challenging manner. The programming is designed with relationship building in mind. Constructed near the waterfront with natural barriers, the camp will feel safe for families with young children without isolating them from the beauty of the Frio River.

Casitas and lodge rooms allow an opportunity for families to reconnect with each other in the authentic atmosphere. A separate sleeping area for parents in the casitas, ample porch areas and multi-purpose living areas in the lodge rooms, and spacious floor plans are just a few of the ways the design lends itself to families.

Both Laity Lodge Family Camp and the H. E. Butt Foundation Camps will be utilizing Headwaters throughout the year. Click here to reserve your spot!

For more information on Headwaters, contact Kate Batchelor.