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Camp Quotes


Family Camp Group May 2011

I wanted to tell you how much this week has meant to us. My husband is a great man but is very busy at work. This week, we have been able to spend quality time together.

Family camp is priceless. This beautiful camp at the magnificent Frio River became not only a point of hope but also of healing.

We are all back at the world and work and cherish those moments of focus and comfort we felt being together at Family Camp.

For me, the amazing thing about this week has been the focus on the family. I didn’t have to be focused on the next meal I have to make or a meeting I have to attend but focused on my family. And to do this in such a spectacular place has been very special.

It was the end of a wonderful March Family Camp when a father came up to me with tears in his eyes and said, “I wanted you to know that I really didn’t want to come this weekend. I have had a lot going on in my work and really have not had time for my family. This weekend has changed my life! Thank You!”

Family Camp was great!

The food tasted GREAT, was fresh, and was presented well.

I know everyone appreciated the convenience, and again, the hospitality, of coming into a cabin that has a bed with comfortable linens and mattresses. Good work!

Our family did the Alpine Tower that afternoon and had an outstanding time. The entire group enjoyed cheering each other on and the fact that they could have 3 on the tower at the same time helped move things along. Good group ended up at the waterfront after that and had a great time.

Must admit I was not looking forward to square dancing Saturday night after Round Up, but it was an absolute ball. Everyone that participated had a great time,

Gift bag in the room was a nice touch. Not having to pack linens, blankets, and towels was HUGE.

The messages at Roundup were very on-target for the crowd. The topic was simple enough for kids to grasp, but profound enough to capture parental attention as well. I think everyone got something meaningful from our evenings. I know we did.